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Music or video from the internet being Streamed to either a Computer, Phone or TV.

Stream can also be used as another word for pee.

Can also be used to describe something that has gone mainstream.
Carl: i wanted to listen to the new Slipknot CD but it was sold out.

Luke: Why didn't ya just stream it online.


Nick: Why you dancing around for?

Kyle: i'm busting to stream.


Richard: You heard the new Bieber Shite

Chris: Yeah I can't believe that's gone Stream
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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Music or video that is being being played via the internet on either a Computer, Phone or TV.

Replacement word for peed

Something that has gotten mainstream. Usually unexpectedly.
Dave: You catch the news last night.

Charlie: Yeah I Streamed it to my phone last night from work.


Jack: Ohh dude you just spilled soda on my lap.

Harry: nah man you've just streamed.


Alex: You seen how many hits my vid got last night?

Ben: Yeah I'm surprised that Streamed so well.
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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The Fat Vac is the slang term for the machine used to perform liposuction. Fat Vac is the abbreviation of Fat Vacuum. It has the same meaning as Vacuumed

This term was popularized by the TV show Scrubs when Jordan shouts out "Fire up the fat vac!" referring to Liposuction.
Jordan: Fire up the fat vac! Mama Needs some Lipo.


Sophie: Wheres Carla?

Lindsay: The Lipette's back at the fat vac
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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The name given to the sexual act of Jizzing on your partners face (Facial). Similar to a gorilla mask but without the pubic hair

Also known as a Facial or Pulling Out
Dave: You give her a gorilla mask?

Cameron: Nah i had no hair.

Dave: So a gorilla mash.
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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Definition 1

The sound made when breathing heavily during exercise or intercourse.

Definition 2

The sound made when out of breath for any reason.
Pamela: You a'ight ???

Joe: huff huff huff

Pamela: You wanna sit down you sound like your going to pass out.
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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Vacuumed is to get an abortion.


Vacuumed is when you've had liposuction. From the slang Fat Vac.
Kyle: Is she keeping the kid?

Chloe: Nope She's being Vacuumed


Alex: You gonna hit the gym now or get out the ol' Fat Vac.

Alan: I'll get Vacuumed i CBA with exercise.
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
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Means Yahoo Answers when referring to the website. Used by mainly Yahoo fans. The expression is from Yahoos logo. The "Y" means Yahoo, The exclamation mark is from the yahoo logo "!" after "Yahoo!" and the "A" is from the Answers part of the logo on the Yahoo Answers webpage.
Johnny: What's that new Viral video about man?

Ryan: Dunno haven't seen it ask on Y!A
by Heff Heff Heff January 09, 2012
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