3 definitions by Heatstick

The ability to move through water of any kind. Lakes, oceans, and even rain
Steve couldn't hydro coordinate his fat ass out to the float because it was too far out....... It was raining pretty hard, but Brian was able to hydro coordinate his way home.
by Heatstick June 02, 2017
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Past tense for multiple tweets on Twitter.
I knew Ian was getting married because Armando twatted it out last week!
by Heatstick June 29, 2020
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A fat kid from the south. If there are too many kids named bubba around, the name gator is used if their child is "husky".Mainly used around the Louisiana area of the U.S.A.
Holy shit this kids so fat we gotta name him Gator, he's much too fat to be Steve!
by Heatstick January 24, 2020
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