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Otherwise known as Toronto Raptors. Worst-to-be-again team in NBA.
The Craptors really suck!
That was shit, whacked and crappy!
by HateMainstreamMusic May 5, 2008
(n.) Celebrity, countable

A teenyslut who is ascended from hell, bound to destroy every young children's souls who are destined to become the next upright & talented stars (not like Avril Lavigne, Macauculay Culkin, Gwen Stefani or Zac Efron). Made a high school dropout just before debuting as a singer at an age of 13~15. Keeps herself too busy touting her Guccis and overpriced shits while other girls are dying hard obeying parents' orders. Became a jailbait after her immediate success of her crapsongs. Currently working on her way becoming a superslut, only to be rivalled by Miley Cyrus, Jamie Lynn Spears and more.
On Radio: Jojo's instant-hit songs include "Get Out", "A Little too Late" and "Baby It's You" (featuring now-screwed Bow Wow)

Average listener: Aww, fuck! Turn off this damn song! Ahh!
by HateMainstreamMusic April 29, 2008
(v.) The act of killing or mistreating animals, mostly dogs
My poodle Fluffy ate my best paperwork last night; I was so pissed so I pulled Michael Vick on Fluffy.
by HateMainstreamMusic July 11, 2008
Yet another sidekick of Soulja Boy, who happens to be a half-assed crapper. Will never last for long; just an one-hit wonder and an attention seeker.

Sadly, they are the future of new hip-hop...
by HateMainstreamMusic April 30, 2008
1. Means "Shimane Prefecture" in Japanese.

2. noun, (un)countable
Rejected "hero" of Japanese society, trying too hard bashing Koreans while shitting on the image of true Japanese's identity. While this name seems to sound like a superhero to anti-Koreans, the real Japanese has no hatred against Koreans nor had grudge against them. In fact, this "superhero" has never been to Japan, and is suspected of being Wapanese.
See Abajian.
from example 2.

From Shimane Ken:
noun, uncountable
also Korean Ice
an illegal drug, usually in the form of a white powder, that is taken illegally for pleasure or used in some medical situations to reduce pain caused by rabies and Korean encephalitis
Now is the time to wipe out Korea from the earth!

Normal Japanese: Fuck you! We don't actually hate Koreans and you are just shitting on our image! Screw this ignorant faggot!
by HateMainstreamMusic June 16, 2008
Horrible car manufacturer, a wretched division of GM (Chevy, Buick, Caddie, GMC, Saturn and Daewoo/Opel/Holden also shares the same reputation as piles of hog shits, with the exceptions of Hummer and Saab). Avoid Pontiac at all costs; has engine/trasmission failure, glitches, fugly looking car with bad engineering, followed by liable warranty that may amaze you in your dreams. Drive the car and you will see how crappy the Ponties are. Especially with minivans and SUVS.
Owner #1: I bought my Pontiac Montana today! It is spacious, good and big.
Owner #2: I bought my G6/Gran Prix today! Cool looking sedan, and drives well.
Owner #3 (Former/non GM driver): You guys are fumbducks! Drive for a while and your car will get fucked up.
by HateMainstreamMusic April 30, 2008
Another faggot from Deep South. Perfect example of lesser known southern crap rap, just like DJ Khaled, and a notch below Soulja Boy and Dem Franchise Boyz. Known for crappy song "Naw Meen" (probablly means you know what I mean?)
Naw Meen!... Fucking Baby Boy Da Prince
by HateMainstreamMusic April 21, 2008