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n, (bersh) from the Latin bursofines.
To press firmly with one's genitals into the face of another.
While standing inside the third stall of the men's room Harvey burshed Alt who was kneeling in a puddle of his own urine.
by Harvey_birdman September 7, 2007
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noun - slang for a woman who has a significant amount of unprotected sex, usually with multiple partners, and usually with "dirty" or less than desirous ones.
There's no way I'm gonna hook up with Becky, that chick's a spittoon who's done the whole east side of the trailer park.
by Harvey_birdman April 10, 2007
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(noun) - ghetto version of partner used by black men on the "down low" to describe the other man they have sex with while not pretending to be straight.
"Friday nights I go out with my chick to keep up appearances but on Saturdays I go out on the down low with my patnah".
by Harvey_birdman March 24, 2007
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verb, action.
To hold open the nostrils of an attractive woman with a pair of forceps for the purpose of filing same with semen.
It costs extra to get a porn star to do the aking, most suffer permanent nostril damage from the excessive pressure.
by Harvey_birdman April 20, 2008
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