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Similar to "queer the deal;" to somehow cock up a flawless plan with stupidity and/or incompetence.
I was all set to take that girl home last night, but her fat friend managed to fag the scam.

Ross had everything lined up to buy a house, but the bank found out he was broke and fagged the scam.
by Hank Bennet October 06, 2009

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A term used to denote a group of hipsters, largely inspired by the ridiculous bicycles they like to ride. Similar examples would include a flock of birds, a school of fish, etc.
This bar was pretty awesome until that fixie of hipsters showed up.
by Hank Bennet November 30, 2009

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A length of pipe slid over the handle of a wrench to increase the amount of torque, usually used when a breaker bar is unavailable. A form of jury-rig.
A bolt on Logan's car was hard to turn, so he used a cheater bar to get it free.

The hardware store was out of breaker bars, so it's lucky I had 2 feet of pipe to use as a cheater bar.
by Hank Bennet January 23, 2010

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(n) the period of time in a woman's life where she feels the need to totally slut it up. She never actually decides to settle down with a cock- she just tastes a wide variety much like one tastes free samples at Costco.

Almost all women go through a period of cock tasting, and it's most common in females aged 18-24. If you are with a girl who claims to have not engaged in cock tasting, you should beware that it's likely coming soon.
1. "Why did you and Sally breakup?"

"Basically, she decided she wasn't finished with cock tasting."

2. "Dude, I don't understand why Emily is such a shameless whore."

"Well she's 20 and going through cock tasting. What did you expect?"
by Hank Bennet March 15, 2010

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the month subsequent to breaking up with someone during which the one who did the breaking up refrains from sexual activity with a third party unless the one who was dumped fucks someone else first
1. "Hey man, that chick wants your nuts. Are you going to bang her?"

"No man- I broke up with Leah last week and it's still her courtesy month."

2. "Dammit, Kristy just broke up with me and I heard she just got tag teamed by black guys!"

"I guess that whore doesn't believe in the courtesy month."

3. "Did you just fuck Jill? I thought you broke up with Kate two weeks ago. What about the courtesy month?"

"It's all good- Kate just blew the basketball team."
by Hank Bennet March 11, 2010

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