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San Francisco's public transportation system. Consists of bus's, trolley cars, and subway metro trains. Fast, way over crowded at times and hella cheap. ($0.35 for ppl who appear under 17)
When I hop on MUNI on stockton st, i get to stand 1 inch close to 6 chinese people, 1 smelly hobo, a business man yacking on his phone, and a crackhead.
by Hamydeez October 12, 2003
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The leader in the 12 bit sampler/drum machine era. Many of your favorite old school tracks were made on the sp1200. Made by E-MU systems, and no longer in production, yet they still sell for $1000+ on ebay.
Madlib Still uses the sp1200.
by Hamydeez November 08, 2004
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The best band ever. Some damn true lyrics that all can relate to and fucking beautiful music. There first album (self-titled) is their best yet. Their 2nd album "Blue" wasnt too goodbut had a few VERY good tracks. And their newest album "Out of the Vein" was not too bad, but their best shit is on their first album, and the lyrics are magic.
Damn check out the songs
"The Background"
"I want you"
"Deep Inside of You"
"Motorcylce Driveby"
by Hamydeez October 05, 2003
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The TL. The Tenderloin. Notorious downtown neighborhood in San Francisco, home to drug dealers, peddlers, whores, stick up kids, pimps, corners, hella liquor shops, n strung out heroin fiends. The only bad area outta towners and tourist seem to represent or see in the sco. They forgettin bout HP and all of the south east SF neighborhoods.
The TL aint nuttin to fuck wit.
by Hamydeez November 05, 2004
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Notorious housing projects in the south eastern squadron of San Francisco int he Visitaction Valley Neighborhood.
Hunter's Point, Sunnydale, oakdale, portero hill, tenderloin aint nothin to be fucked with
by Hamydeez November 02, 2004
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Something hella wack. Shady. A shady feeling/mindstate. Derived from the Bay Area, Northern California.
"Damn shit, today's hella skidda. Fucking girls are wack"
by Hamydeez October 05, 2003
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Acid Etch bath is an acidic solution used by graff writers in mops and other assorted markers to create a handstyle on a glass surface, in which the acid eats into the window, making that handstyle/tag unbuffable.
I went up and down down market street and etched the shit outta every building window I saw
by Hamydeez April 19, 2004
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