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skiyline R32 Gts+t is known by this name because of the fact that these particular vehicles do extremlt good skids and are easy to modify and control the rotor-Holic hates such vehicles even when the rotor breaks first and the nissan towed the mazda home
person1 "Fuck that does mean skids"

Person 2 "They arent called skiddas for no reason"
by Captain Skids December 02, 2009
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Something Skiddish. Being out of it. Being Shady. Uncomfortable. Wierd. Out of your element. Word is based on the 2 letter word element of S and K. S.K. The evil SK. Word was founded by hamydeez from the Bay Area around 2002/3'ish. <== know that.. he made it.
Ayyy Juannny... it's ehhh... very skidda u know? Ehh the people... ehhss no feel right? Ehhh skiddros Jaredos Espesbos Guantanamos oyyyy Jordenos Espanzo Diaglo
by Jordenos Espanzo Diaglo July 13, 2007
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Something hella wack. Shady. A shady feeling/mindstate. Derived from the Bay Area, Northern California.
"Damn shit, today's hella skidda. Fucking girls are wack"
by Hamydeez October 05, 2003
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