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A fucking lame way to say "totally"
by ha April 02, 2005

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When a girl massages a guys penis so that he moans and groans like there is no fucking tomorrow. If done correctly, ejaculation occurs...girls, this is a clean version of oral sex...why get your mouth dirty if you don't have to?!
Timmy moaned so loud during his hand job that Mary got so excited that she ended up giving him a blow job...he was so hard...
by Ha November 16, 2003

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spanish word insult, like fuck
debiele conjo!

by ha April 02, 2005

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a rapper whoz also a fione azz nigga, oh yeh =D
ey chingy, y yo eyez so chinky, is it because u been smokin and drinkin?!
by ha April 29, 2004

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an exclamation. the white version of "holla"
i bought the new the used cd
by ha February 23, 2005

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skanky prep who is a poser but can't help themselves; one who tries to steal other peoples boyfriends:someone who dates 3 guys/girls or more at the same time mainly refering to mallory
Kenny will never go for thatt skrep!
by ha January 15, 2005

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