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Caucasian that takes great pride in draping him/herself with shiny FUBU, Johnny Blaze, Champion, Wu-Tang and whatever else fake shit they can find at the markets, then pretend they are in the ghetto and call their mates "Dawg" and "Bitch" or "Word Up Niggah". Prerequisite of wearing an oversized jacket on a stinking hot day.
Me: "look at that fucking wigga he has a jacket and pants that are way too big on and it's fourty-five degrees C"
Mate: "at least he will be easy to run over with all that reflective crap on"
by HEMI February 10, 2003
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A 24-pack of beer, in cans or bottles or varying sizes (throw-downs, stubbies, cannies, longies), also see carton.
"Wanna go halves in a slab o' New?"
"Fucken oath it's beer o'clock"
by HEMI April 28, 2003
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A 275ml glass bottle of beer sold in cartons of 24. Cheap Beer :)
"A few of these throw-downs'll hit the spot"
by HEMI April 28, 2003
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hemi iz me..dats my name 0.o
hemi hemika yeh dats my name in full
by Hemi August 17, 2004
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