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A pagan entity, worshipped since ancient times BC but not well known nowadays.

Its despicted in the classic paintings as an old drag queen riding a pink alicorn, wielding a 3 foot log dildo-shaped scepter, forged by Hephaestus himself.

One swing from his scepter can create massive earthquakes, rainbows, volcanic eruptions and gay parades worldwide. People are used to blame HAARP for such drastic environmental changes, when actually its Gay God angry at mortals for making bad use of decoration and fashion.

In a distant past LGBTQIA+ people would sacrifice young virgin gays to calm down Gay God, not before they get voluntarily sodomized by 10 inch BBCs.
Gay 1: Girl, just look at this shirt, don't you think im fabulous?

Gay 2: Yeah, but those horrific shoes are out of fashion and don't match anything. I will pray for Gay God to not punish us.
by H1b3rt0 March 8, 2023
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An universal, reality-warping, ominipotent being.

Its the son of Gay God and some black cosmic entity.

Can't be touched or harmed by any means.
Manager : Dammit, im tired of Chaz incompetence, its his third slip just this week. I swear this time i will fire him for good.

Coworker1: "Dude, don't do it, he's black and gay. Just a lawsuit is what he needs to bankrupt this company. Then WE will lose our jewbs."

Manager: "Holy crap, you're right!"
by H1b3rt0 March 8, 2023
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AKA Coronavirus or Covid-19, it's the third Chinese bioweapon test, along with Avian Flu (H5N1) and Swine Flu (H1N1) released by the Wuhan bioterrorist research lab, pretending it was an accident and the virus appeared

spontaneously from a man that ate a bat.

Chinese are getting proficient with bioweapons each test they make and soon they will create the ultimate virus and release it in a mass biological strike that will sucefully destroy the occident most developed economies and ensure China and their allies global domination.
The President: "We suspect the Chinese Virus was created intentionally in that lab"

Me: "Im with you, Mr. President, only a fool would not realize that after 3 consecutive virus coming from same country. Totally bioterrorism"
by H1b3rt0 May 6, 2020
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A megalomaniac person or organization that wants do conquer the world, using sex as a weapon of mass domination.

Eg: Feminists, The Porn Industry, Nicky Minaj.
Person1: Hey dude, just look at those Femen chicks, shaking their boobs, are they trying to hipnotize us?

Person2: Its not boobs, they're using an ultra high frequency brain washing device attached to their breasts to turn us into their mindless slaves.

Person: Wow, totally Megasexual!
by H1b3rt0 June 16, 2020
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