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Interstate 285, the beltway around Atlanta, Georgia. So-called because Atlanta is a majority black city with an African American mayor and thus is characterized as "The Congo," a large country in Africa. (Trucker usage)
"I'm a-heading to Charlotte, good-buddy, speedballing all the way on 85."

"Roger, that. Due to traffic conditions south-southeast, which is blocked up tighter than a faggot's ass during a Sunday sermon, I suggest you take the northern artery of the Ring Around the Congo."

"Roger that, good buddy."
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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A synthetic word forced by editors onto authors during the days of strict censorship in the publishing industry as a replacement for the expletive "fuck", it usually is seen in novels published in the 1940s and '50s. While Ernest Hemingway resisted resorting to "fug", his fellow Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck did use it. The word "fug" was most sensationally used in Norman Mailer's 1948 best-selling war novel "The Naked and The Dead".
"Doc, that's a fuggin' lie," Mac said.

-- John Steinbeck, "Cannery Row" (1945)

The actress Tallulah Bankhead claimed she met Mailer at a party and said, "So, you're the guy who doesn't know how to spell fuck." (The story is sometimes told with Dorothy Parker as the speaker.) Mailer told an interviewer he never met Tallulah Bankhead, and in any case he knew how to spell four-letter words--the euphemism was used in order not to offend the sensibilities of readers in 1947.
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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Dying in a shotgun shack or cheap motel while busted flat and at the end of the line; a forlon, lonely ending such as expiring in a broken down cot in a homeless shelter or at the back of a gym; death via state-sanctioned execution, substance abuse, or at the hands of a cuckolded husband.
"Sam Cooke, the great gospel and soul crooner, died a true blues death when he was shot and killed Dec. 11, 1964, in Los Angeles. Cooke was found in the manager's room at the Hacienda Motel in a state of undress. Bertha Franklin, the motel, shot Cooke in the heart as he attacked her to find out the whereabouts of a woman who had fled his $3-a-night room."
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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Noun: A baby born to a black prostitute from a liason with a white john.

Adjective: (Prejorative) A term of derision given by black folks to a mixed race person, referring to the alleged fact that their momma was a 'ho and their papa was a john. (Related term: zebra)

Popularized by the 1967 novel "Trick Baby: The Story of a White Negro" by Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck).
Dot sat there grinning. He looked straight ahead as we struggled into our coats. Then, without turning his head, he casually said, "Blue, I can't miss seeing you again soon. I'll duck into the homicide bureau and enjoy your morgue shots, maybe as soon as tomorrow. I'll count ice-pick holes in your black lard ass. You and your trick baby partner could be walking corpses."

I cut in. I was hot as hell. I said, "Goddamnit, Mr. Murray, I was no trick baby. My mother was no whore. She married a white man. Do I have to pin her marriage license to my chest? And Blue and I haven't done anything to wind up dead."

He said, "I'll believe a license when I see it. I'm bullshit proof...."

-- Iceberg Slim, "Trick Baby"
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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Noun. (vulgar) The male sexual organ, also used for voiding the bladder; the penis. (slang; obsolete)
Back in the Twenties, getting a blow job in a back alley off of Times Square was called "Cracking the Whip."
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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(Pejorative) A term of opporobrium used to denigrate the targeted person's masculinity, typically directed towards someone with whom one has a violent disagreement over politics or philosophy. (Southeastern U.S. usage, since at least circa 1955)
Former Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, when running for President on the American Independent Party ticket in 1968, castigated Democratic presidential nominee Hubert H. Humphrey and other northern liberals and supporters of desegregation & affirmative action as a "group of goddamned, mealy mouthed sissy britches."

"For all the 'celebrities' who want to move to Canada, i say go. if you don't like the way Pres. Bush is running our country, get the hell out. same with all you other people. you do NOT have to stay here. if you don't like freedom and the prospect of defending it, GET THE FUCK OUT. we don't need people like you trashing-talking our country. we need more people who are willing to kick some ass to protect it. not some sissy-britches libral. it is true that Bush KICKS ASS!"

-- posted by trustworthy demon 711, Americans Moving to Canada Forum
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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