47 definitions by Gregory V. Richardson

This refers to sweating.
"You've got many sweats," uttered by Tenzin Choegyal (a Tibetan living in Dharmsala, India) while hiking in the Grand Canyon with Gregory V. Richardson on 15 March 2004.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 22, 2004
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The state of having trouble remembering names.
His nomnesia got him in trouble again when he couldn't remember the name of his friend as he tried to introduce her to others.
by Gregory V. Richardson January 17, 2004
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This is the disorder of assuming, since "osis" is the prefix in medicine that means "disorder". One might say that assumosis is diffusion of an idea across neural membranes, yours and mine.
Assumosis is one of his greater flaws. He thinks he knows what I think and feel, but his assumptions are far from my truth.
by Gregory V. Richardson September 23, 2008
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Hingy means "stinky". The word refers to the Asian Indian "hing" which is a very aromatic spice with an earthy and garlic sort of fragrance. The spice is also known as Asafoetida or Devil's Dung.
He hadn't bathed in a week and was very hingy.
by Gregory V. Richardson April 09, 2004
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This is an acronym for "pile of atoms". This refers to the idea that a person views themselves or others as merely a pile of atoms and without spiritual qualities. Adjective: poatic
She viewed his efforts at compassion and empathy as wasted effort, typical of a poa.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004
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