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A corruption of Morse Code / CW.
You need a key to send Morris Code.
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007

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Used to describe someone who is continually obvious or clueless. Sometimes defended by those who think they are challenged despite no indication of that.
He's KWW, don't waste your time.
by Green Curtain September 08, 2007

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CW is Morse Code, a way to communicate with Dots and Dashes over long distances or with computers by light, wire or radio.
I heard a CW signal on the radio last night.
Did you pass the CW portion of the test?
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007

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A person who is semi-self educated. Acts like a Soopah Genius yet never thinks for themselves. Takes credit for what others have done. Supremely smug in his/her self-importance. Never knows when to stop. The rest of the world is stupid, in the eyes of this Soopah Genius. Constantly congratulates himself.
Well documented in the cartoon world by Wiley Coyote, Soopah Genius.
Wow, get a load of the Wrecks Rhode Scholar, he came up with that all on his own.
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007

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For clueless people who have no idea who Snoop Dog is, but want to sound cool.
1) That Snoopy Dog is hip.
2) Who?
1) Snoopy Dog.
2) Who??!?
1) You know, Snoopy Dog the rapper.
2) You better hope Snoop Dog don't hear that. He'll kick your ass.

I really like Snoopy Dog's music.
by Green Curtain December 05, 2007

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