4 definitions by GrapeRape69

Guy 1: Hey man, last night was great.

Guy 2: Did you see the buffalofinger form?

Guy 1: No man, I was too busy fucking her up.
by GrapeRape69 May 08, 2014
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The way an old man tells you to stop whining about shit that people back in their day did differently
Old Man: Back in my day, we didnt have toilet paper, we just wiped our asses with leaves

Young Man: Holy Shit, that must've sucked ass.
by GrapeRape69 October 16, 2014
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F**king retarded, or not knowing something simple.
Guy 1: (whispering) Psst.. Hey man, whats' 6 plus 1?
Guy 2: (also whispering) It's seven, you blonde brain....
Guy 1: Bitch please.
by GrapeRape69 May 29, 2014
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