The tale of Mgay is not one to be said lightly. Once upon a time, in 1647, there live a man named micheal in the streets of Belgium.

Belgium, at that time, was not allowing people to be gay, so he fled. He road on horse back for 8 days straight, until he arrived in Pufta, what is today known as Calabria, in southern Italy.

From there, Micheal boarded a boat which was headed to Africa, a place where he can finally be gay. However, around half way through the boats journey, there was a massive storm. The captain lost control of his boat, and ended up crashing it into a small island known as Malta.

Micheal crawled to shore, severely injured. However, luckily for him, there was a woman washing her clothes in the sea. She rushed to Micheal and tended to his wounds. Hours later, at sunrise, Micheal woke up from his feet slumber. He was surrounded by knights and medics… as he was the only one to survive the shipwreck. The knight were amazed by his strength and perseverance. They asked him how he had survived such a crash.

Micheal replied, “It’s my interest in men that kept me going!”

The knights were amazed. Does homosexuality really give someone such strength they wondered! In order to honor Micheal’s strength and bravery to escape Belgium, they knighted him and called him… Sir Mgay of Mgay!

The End!
Bob: How did u do in the test?
Paul: I passed! Even thought I didn’t study!
Bob: Wow you are as luck as Sir Mgay of Mgay!
by Derildu August 24, 2021
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