14 definition by Graffilthier

Similar to a psychobitch (see psychobitch)...but supplements some of her spare time through the practice of yoga...
That crazy YOGABITCH is doing her excercises again!
by Graffilthier August 13, 2008

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The alternative to Deviant Art (see Deviant Art)...an art/photography desktop wallpaper site where artists post their works under the scrutiny of strict guidelines and a close community of like artists...Unlike dA (Deviant Art), no nudity, gore, animae wannabes, sleazy celebs/music personalities, or copyrighted material of any kind are accepted...
I'm tired of the dA garbage, I'm posting my art at CAEDES!
by Graffilthier August 13, 2008

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Britney Spears wannabe...Thinks that dressing like a slut, singing like a drunken diva, possessing little or no talent, and aceing clothing endorsement will make her millions...and it does!
(1)Wow! That Brit sure can sing!

(2)Put your hard-on back in your pants...it's only HILARY DUFF!
by Graffilthier May 23, 2008

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Anyone who stands aloof watching and figuring out why someone else does what they do...
"Whuffo he stand in dat intasection wit a unifoam on wavin' to the cars?"

"Whuffo he scrawl dat dere nasty stuff on de wall by de playground?"

"Whuffo she stand on dat street corna all lookin' tricked up like dat?"
by Graffilthier May 24, 2008

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The upscale version of Jerry Springer...minus bald-headed Steve and the tittiebeads...a favorite of McMansion Trash...
Ohh...I'm in a rut...help me DR. PHIL...
by Graffilthier May 23, 2008

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A one piece dress with a to-the-knee or lower hemline, usually worn by clingy, slutty, chunky-looking women during the summer, often accented by clogs, flip-flops, and the absence of panties...
She's a real slut in that SUNDRESS...
by Graffilthier May 19, 2008

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Often accompanied by the descriptive prefix "Stretchin'"...The girl who'll do everyone, anytime, anywhere...Usually wears clogs and sundress with no panties or bra...
She's always stretchin'...that GRETCHEN!
by Graffilthier May 18, 2008

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