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A mixture of sensational and fabulous.
"That was sensabulous!"
by Goran September 04, 2004
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Aceallic is a race of human beings that listens to thrash metal in conformity to Goran's law which has been passed on in the early 1997.

Goran's law states that anyone that listens to false, aka mallcore music will be punished with accordance to Semir's brilliant rule. Semir, who is the coolest mofo around only states that metal is killer and is infact the correct music.
Objection overruled by aceallic.
by goran April 09, 2004
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Displaying the qualities of class, style and flair.
That was totally moggbo
by Goran September 04, 2004
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A chinese gangsta thug who plays basketball and smokes cock on his spare time. Can also be classified as The Wonginator or Chigga.
Yo yiu fai, stop smokin that cock and lets go play some ball, chigga.
by goran June 19, 2003
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People from eroupe mostly from the balkens - thats includeing Serbs,Croatians and Bosnians.They like sticking together and speaking their own languages because no one can understand them.The dont like Aussie that much often thinking that if they hangout with then they will i fact "lower" their social standing.Mobile phones, cars,other wogs, Asians, sometimes Aussies and their mothers( even though they dont admit it) are they're friends.
1 phone call = 1000 Wogs
by Goran November 14, 2004
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A chinese person who thinks he is gangsta, wants to be a nigga
Quit frontin you stupid ass chigga.
by goran June 19, 2003
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LIAR/a person who copies sayings and sayings from B.E.T
by Goran May 03, 2003
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