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A drinking game where the object of the game is to bounce a ping pong ball off of the table, off your partners "titties", and into the cups in front of them.

Titty cup is played with 4 people (2 teams of partners) on a beer pong or similar sized table. Sets of partners stand diagonally across from one another. Each person has 3 cups in front of them in a triangle, and there needs to be one water cup ready to be put on the table. Each team has a ping pong ball. The goal of the game is to bounce your ball off of the table, then off of your partners titties/chest and into the cups in front of them. Once a cup is made, the opposing player next to the cup that was made must drink the cup, and then flip it on to the table flip cup style. During this drinking/flipping period, the team is not allowed to bounce, but the team that made the bounce continues to play. Once all of a teams cups are gone, they put the water cup in the middle of the table and take turns attempting to double bounce the ball into the cup. Once the double bounce is made, the game is over. During this time the other team continues play as original.

Any amount of alcohol can be in the cups, but half a beer per 3 cups in a good amount

A "slam dunk" occurs when a play "catches' the ball on/in their titties, and drops it into the cup
"Another slam dunk? She really has some titty cup 'talent'"

A titty cup tournament is best played with male female sets of partners
by gooseman October 08, 2012

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A variation of the game flip cup. Chinese flip cup is set up with sets of partners lined up across from each other along a table. Each partner has 2 cups, one with beer in it (flip cup amount) and one empty "catching" cup.

In chinese flip cup, the goal is not to flip your cup onto the table after drinking, but instead to flip your cup so that your partner across from you can catch your cup inside of their own. Once this is accomplished, your partner drinks from their beer cup, and then tries to flip it back across the table into your catching cup. The team of partners to flip and catch both directions first, wins.
My friends and I got so good at Chinese flip cup, that missing one flip guaranteed you would not win.

So you want to get drunk fast and have fun? Try Chinese flip cup
by gooseman September 26, 2012

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To describe low quality computer or electronic mechandise usually manufactured in an Asian country. Typically used when an item is broken, extremely poor quality or not suitable for it's intended purpose

Also used to indicate the state of failed computer hardware.
1. "Some fuckchow brand computer"
2. "The disk in that computer is fuckchowed"
by Gooseman December 08, 2004

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1. The act in which a person screws something up, or to be a screw-up (being a "goose")
2. To be extremely drunk on the vodka brand "Grey Goose"
1. You: "Uh-oh, i forgot to give that woman her five dollars in change"

Me: "You goosed it, bud!"

2. You: "I drank so much last night that I don't remember anything"

Me: "You got really goosed on vodka and then passed out with that haggard ass chick.
by GooseMan March 26, 2013

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