2 definitions by GoochieBratha2000

Doing over the top and beyond when you don’t need to and it makes you look stupid
Bro , you Doin’ Much , stop it , you look stupid

Aight bra , my bad
by GoochieBratha2000 October 19, 2019
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Means exactly what it says .... E for everybody , all people , mostly kids .... unfortunately , E for Everybody examples : Fortnite, Minecraft, Madden, NBA 2K , other sports games, any other kid games you can think of , unfortunately , kids ruin games , that’s why M for Mature 17+ is are the best games , kids aren’t allowed to play them , plain and simple
Yeahhh Fortnite...... bad fucking game , you know this game is E for Everybody , means that all the kids can play happily , fuck .
by GoochieBratha2000 April 23, 2020
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