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A Yahoo Answer trolls is usually someone who enjoys to annoy everyone else on Yahoo Answers (but some aren't like that). The Yahoo Answers Trolls are usually found in the Polls & Surveys category but they sometimes venture into other categories. But there are many types of Yahoo Answers Trolls.
The Scroll Troll: A troll who loves to create an incredibly long answer so you cannot see the other answers without scrolling down the screen for at least 5 minutes. The smart thing to do when you see a scroll troll is to thumb them down.
The Reporter Trolls: Reports innocent questions and answers that are not angianst the community guidelines just for fun.
Spam Troll: A troll who always asks the same question or always answers with the same answer.
Funny Trolls: Trolls that make the Yahoo Answers users laugh. Unlike the other trolls, these trolls are actually liked by most of the Yahoo users.
Person 1: Do you go on Yahoo Answers?
Person 2: Yea, but its invaded with trolls!
Person 1: That sucks
Person 2: I know! Yahoo Answers Trolls are so annoying!
by Goldenfur productions May 18, 2011

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A girl who disguises herself as a boy and sings annoying songs about love in order to get 12 year old girls to like her
Girl: OMG! I have such a crush on Justin Beiber!
Boy: You do know that Justin Beiber is a girl in disguise, right?
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011

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A very famous phrase and song used in the popular youtube video "Charlie the Unicorn 2". In the video two unicons come up to Charlie and they want him to come along with them to see the Banana King but of course Charlie doesn't want to go because the last time he followed these strange unicorns he lost his kidney. But for some reason he goes anyway. But near the end of the episode they find a strange slug with a santa hat on. The slug soon begins to sing the "Put a banna in your ear" song...
Charlie you look quite down
With your big sad eyes
And your big fat frown
The world doesn't have to be so gray
Charlie when your life's a mess
When your feeling blue
Or are in distress
I know what can wipe that sad away
All you have to do is
Put a banana in your ear (a banana in my ear?)
Put a ripe banana right into your favorite ear
It's true (says who?)
So true
Once it's in your gloom will disappear
The bad in the world is hard to hear
When in your ear a banana cheers
So go and put a banana in your ear
Put a banana in your ear (I'd rather keep my ear clear)
You will never be happy
If you live your life in fear
It's true! (says you)
So true!

When it's in the skies are bright and clear
Oh, every day of every year
The sun shines bright in this big blue sphere
So go and put a banana in your
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011

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When you here the word "Fudgepickles" you may think that it means a pickle covered in fudge but "Fudgepickles" is a word used when you have the need to say a bad word but cannot because you are in an area where is not allowed. The word Fudgepickles comes in handy when you are at school, work, at home, or in any other place where you shouldn't say bad words.
Teacher: I'm sorry Billy but you got an F on your math test
Billy: Fudgepickles!!
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011

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An amazing blue planet located a few galaxies away from Earth. the Trablablablaians are the ones that live on this awesome possom planet. Their skin can change color depending on their mood and at the age of 10 Trablablablaian years old they develop super powers! on the planet Trablablablabla 1 year = 5 Earth years. The planet is also surrounded by gases to keep out unwanted alien visitors.
I was born on the planet Trablablabla and crashed into Earth 14 earth years ago
by Goldenfur productions March 24, 2011

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A description of something that is very colorful, covered with rainbows, or sometimes really girly.
Person 1: I love skittles!
Person 2: I know! They're so rainbowrific!
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011

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Meaning that something is Huger than Huge or really giant!
It can be used to describe a person, an object, or even a place.
Person 1: Did you see how big that rubberband ball was?!
Person 2: Heck yea! It was humongo!
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011

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