35 definition by Gohn Gardenza

That plastic shit that you put over your face when you wanna hot plate or shower curtain, you can also use it to cover food and put it in the fridge, but wtfdt?
Glad wrap is the shiz I wanna cover some cheez wid it.
by Gohn Gardenza January 18, 2008

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A person who manages to maintain a nerdy lifestyle, while remaining, hip, trendy and cool.
A: "I was considering upgrading my hard drive to 7, 200 RPM and coding some linux, but realised I had to leave for my date in 15 minutes, at my band's gig. "

by Gohn Gardenza June 16, 2009

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An extension of the acronym LIN which means laughing eternally. Lin lin torido is the ultimate form of lin, in which a small laugh may actually escape the person, as they go internally berserk with laughter. It is a way of expressing extreme internal laughter while still incorporating the popular expression of 'LIN'.
A:'Witch weigh' did you say?
B: BAHR, BAHR, lin lin torido!
by Gohn Gardenza August 13, 2008

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M is a Fritz Lang film released in 1931. It is believed to be potray serial killer Peter Kurten. It is set in Berlin. The killer kills children and leads the police and whole town on a pain-staking chase.
M is a fantastic film by Fritz Lang.
by Gohn Gardenza July 29, 2007

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Acronym standing for "Beer Delivery Guy."
Usually worn on T-shirts by knuts.
A: "Hey look I'm a Beer Delivery Guy!"

B: "Hey look at that dumbass, he's a BDG!"
by Gohn Gardenza August 24, 2007

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The last letter of the alphabet which is pronounced 'ZED', not 'ZEE' as others like to say.
A:"Spell 'Buzz'."

B: "B, u, zee, zee.'"

A:"Wrong, its zed'."
by Gohn Gardenza August 28, 2007

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When you get a piece of toast, cup it around your cock and use it to masturbate. You then scrape cum onto the toast and eat it.
This morning I was peckish so I decided to have some cum toast
by Gohn Gardenza January 26, 2008

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