3 definitions by Glastoki

Someone who smashes on fake cliques and punks haterz back down to where they belong. This person goes around busting heads(biscuits) left and right. They also live by their own rules and don't take crap from anyone.
Lauren Martinkus totally punked that drunk idiot at the bar, damn she is a biscuit buster!
by Glastoki January 23, 2010
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Mediocre pot; a lot of people hate on it but if you're ghetto like me then it's good enough.
It's better than nothing. At least you got a good buzz if nothing else.
I smoked a joint of schwag weed and now I feel almost halfway high.
by Glastoki October 01, 2009
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Slang term for zombies in the TV adaptation of "The Walking Dead".
"Ever since you fired those shots, the streets are filled with geeks." - Glenn
by Glastoki November 09, 2010
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