3 definitions by Gingerballin

Friend 1: Man, you see that girls ass? I wonder what it tastes like!
Friend 2: What's stopping you? Go over there and creep taste that rusty sheriff's badge
by Gingerballin November 13, 2018
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To slam vaginas together to create the same outcome one would expect from jumping in a rain puddle.
Friend 1: Julie told me Becky has phenomenal beef curtains
Friend 2: How the fuck do you know that?
Friend 1: Because Julie had a scissor slapping marathon with her last night
by Gingerballin November 13, 2018
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When you’re vibing with someone and they say it’s going down but then you turn around and they’re gone.
One night Annie said she was going to hook up with me, I turned around and she vanished. I ran all over town and finally found her in a Chipotle and said “you said you were going to fuck me”!?
by Gingerballin December 14, 2022
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