An OG youtuber since the early days. Rumored to be nothing more than a house cat behind a keyboard. Cute albeit selfish and cruel even brutally honest towards the internet community but adorable nonetheless.

Alot of mystery behind this user but he’s strangely not judging from what he comments on YouTube videos and Reddit

Been here since ‘09 and has a temper, watch out or he’ll scratch the shit outta you!
Reddit: your banned, kitty

Friggyk: don’t get me upset, or thing will get very ugly!

Redditors; oof

Friggyk: >:)
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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Chief of the simp communities

Or “SIMPNEE” community of Sydney goodman

Best thing IGN ever gave the boys was Sydnee Goodman
Friggyk: chief of simpnee enterprises checking in, 🤙

The boys: all hail lord friggyk and the queen

Friggyk is the leader of the simps
by Gibbygeo February 12, 2022
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