The name for someone who is a really good singer. They are beautiful and confident. Girls named sydnee are amazing and get far in their life and career.
person1: Wow that girl is so successful!!!
Person:2 what do you expect? Her name is sydnee
by Funfunfun November 14, 2013
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She is the most Beautiful girl average is the most great best friend you could ever had she’s so nice she makes you laugh when you needed if you could talk to her if you’re trying and you could tell her all your secrets and she will tell no one Ilysfm sydnee
by 6th grader April 5, 2018
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Sydnee is an amazing person who can probably kick your asssssss if she needed to. She tends to makes bitches jealous whenever she goes stuntinn around towwwn. Sydnee's know how to have a good time. Faaahh reaaaaaal.
Dude: "Did you see Sydnee kick that girls ass yesterday?!"
Other dude: "Yeah man! She looked fine as hell during it too!"
by craccckkaaa. February 22, 2009
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An amazing, sweet, bubly, creative, HILARIOUS, and soo thoughtful. So talented in volleyball and basketball. She is very athletic and nature lover. Everyone likes her and she has the most amzing personality. She is extremly pretty and adorable. i love her :)
Man did you have fun hanging out with sydnee or what?

She is sooo much fun to hang out with.
by nicloe cindern April 14, 2011
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This Chick Is Very Short-Tempered! Watch out little Bitch! She is also very pretty and will mess you up if you hurt her or ANY of her Friends, close or not. She will be nice to ANYONE, nice or not. She is an all-around party girl. She might be a bitch sometimes, but she will always be there for you. Sydnee will always cuss at any person who gets in her way. Sydnee will sometimes even call her own boyfriend a motherfucker.
Person 1: Sydnee just kicked Khannors ASS!!
Person 2: I thought they were dating
Person 1: Not "were" they "are"
Person 2: DAMN!! I wish they broke up. She is SOOO SEXY!!! I WANT HER FAT ASS!!
by KC girl 25 November 9, 2015
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The most beautiful, kind, down to earth person and amazing and soooo fine and plays games which makes her even more cool and Josh has found literally the perfect girl and will treat her like a queen
Syndee is tubular, and why wont it let me post this what the heck, Sydnee
by josh.... March 25, 2019
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Sydnee's are very pretty. They normally have blonde hair and amazing eyes. Sydnee's mostly play soccer and basketball. They love kids and animals. They are very funny and always have a good personality. Sydnee's party hard and are always lit!
Man did you see Sydnee last night? Yeah she's so lit. Well, duh she's a Sydnee
by Names34 November 4, 2017
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