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Often installed in beat to shit old Cadillacs, sometimes shaped like pine trees. Also featured in some cars are Hi-Tech air filtration units that are installed in the cars in an attempt to filter the fowl stench of the niggers that drive them.

To date however, No Air freshener or Filtration unit has been successful in removing the stench of a nigger! But new technologies are always being tested.
Joe: Man! ... what smells like something died?

Max: It's the car you parked next to, it needs a "Niggermobile Air Freshener" installed!
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 18, 2008
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LeBron James is one of the most overrated players in the NBA today! The poor bastards in Cleveland who have never had a winning sports team are so "Championship Challenged" that they over look the fact LeBron James wont even support his hometown sports teams!

LeBron James also thinks its "All About LeBron James" but yet consistently CHOKES when the pressure is on! ... if he was truly a great player, he would get the job done!
hey look! LeBron James choked in the big game AGAIN!
(Official Cleveland Motto) "Maybe Next Year"
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 22, 2008
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Nigger Minder - A place that Nigger's are sent for an attitude adjustment,
also known as Correctional Facilities or Prison. This happens when a
nigger forgets how to interact in society, So the nigger needs minding.
Joe: Hey, what happened to Tyrone?
Max: He fucked up and was sent to the "Nigger Minder" again
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 9, 2008
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A "Gangsta Nigger" is a term used for for niggers that have been brainwashed by too much Hip Hop and Rap music.

Most niggers are simple minded by nature, and when exposed to Hip Hop and Rap with a negative message the niggers brain gets overloaded and starts to think "Yo I'm a gangsta"

Symptoms of a Gangsta Nigger:
*Stupid Meaningless Hand gestures
*Baggy Clothes
*Must have shades and a grille
*Must have 12 lbs. of Bling
*Must be almost unable to speak English (see Ebonics)
*Must have a shit view of woman and fellow niggers
*Must NOT have a Job or High school education.
*uses and sells drugs
*must be lazy and think his crappy life is not his fault.
Joe: What is with that niggers attitude?

Max: It's just another "Gangsta Nigger" ... just ignore it
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 22, 2008
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A "Thug Nigger" is an uneducated nigger that never learned how to interact in society.

The Thug Nigger is poor, unable to find or hold a job because of his low intelligence level.

Also Thug Niggers have never learned that acting like a thug just makes them look like a total asshole to most of the population on earth!, unfortunately Thug Niggers tend to only hang out with other Thug Niggers or even lower class niggers, so the Thug Nigger has no idea that they are as stupid as shit! (Poor Bastards)
Joe: Who is that goofy nigger with the attitude?

Max: Just another "Thug Nigger" in the hood
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 22, 2008
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The term "Hip Hop Be Dead" reflects the ending of an era. Early in 2010 Hip hop took a serious back seat to REAL music preformed by people who actually have real talent, and can sing or play an instrument, vs Hip Hop (trash talk and dick grabbing) along with content such as, Drugs, Ho's, Pimps, Sex, Hood Life, Money, Crime, Disrespect to woman, Shootings, Guns, Bling & Bitches!

Now all the rappers are scrambling to incorporate performers with real talent to appear with them on any attempted new release.

Also all Rap, Hip Hop performers are trying to desperately look respectable when preforming now! (what a joke!!) No Hoodie, No Baggies, No Bling, ... one last desperate attempt to "look" respectable after two decades of looking like ghetto street thugs!! .... street trash!!

The next generation of Americans recognize how ignorant Rap and Hip Hop music was, and no longer are interested in just another BULL SHIT Rap song form another no talent Nigger form the hood!!!

Hip Hop Be Dead!!!
Joe: Wow I can actually listen to the radio again and not puke!!

Max: Yup, ... thats cus " Hip Hop Be Dead " now!!!
by Get real, Ya All!!! April 6, 2010
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A "Nigger Ho" is a shortened term for a "Black Prostitute"
or "Whore" often seen standing on street corners in bad
neighbor hoods also referred to as "the hood" and tend to
use the following line when a car drives past:

"Yo Yo Baby, Whas Up?... Ya wanna date?"
Joe: It sure looks like date night in the hood!

Max: Yeah .... a "Nigger Ho" for every street corner tonight!
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 11, 2008
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