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A black eye, or the physical mark usually left on Indiana women by their loving male companions.
Mitch smacked his bitch when she was late retrieving a beer, leaving a Hoosier Hickey.
by Gerald Busey May 18, 2009

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A radiator leak; the slow leakage of antifreeze from a motor vehicle's cooling system
My car had her Vulcan period, leaving a green stain on the ground.
by Gerald Busey July 04, 2009

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Estrogenitis is an infection found primarily in women, hastened by a bountiful presence of estrogen, that causes a loss of memory, logic, reason, and common sense.
Melissa forgetting the title of Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, was caused by Estrogenitis.
by Gerald Busey April 09, 2008

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Alternative name for toilet paper
Needing to drop some toilet trout in the shitter but wanting to do it legally, Brenda bought a roll of Trout Stamps to avoid getting fined by the Department of Natural Resources.
by Gerald Busey November 19, 2008

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Titus Drunk, also known as T.D., is a condition occurring in Jewish women where a high level of alcohol consumption manifests an insatiable desire to get their mouths, vaginas, and anuses sexually debased in every conceivable way by noted actor and comedian Christopher Titus.
Brenda was so Titus Drunk that she took off her pants and writhed on the floor begging Christopher Titus, who was on the television, to touch her naughty bits.
by Gerald Busey March 06, 2008

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A term describing individuals that give you a headache as soon as they open their mouths.
Eric and Ed, two people that practically vomit idiocy with every uttered word, are textbook examples of Brain Freezes.
by Gerald Busey March 04, 2008

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An alternative term for the clitoral hood, being a combination of the words clitoris and poncho.
J.T. wanted to be more entertaining during TSA screenings, so she got her cloncho pierced.
by Gerald Busey February 16, 2011

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