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From the Norse "Val" meaning warrior or hero, and "halla" meaning hall. This was one possible afterlife for those who believed in Norse Mythology, where you went if you fought and died in a hopeless battle for an ideal. This afterlife was not eternal, however. On the day of Ragnarok, you would fight and perish alongside the gods.
Valhalla is where heroes went when they died, not where the gods lived
by George Washington Christ November 12, 2004

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just a fancy way of juxtaposing two words, letters, or syllables that already belong together
gluteus to the maximus = gluteus maximus

t to the i to the double grr = tigger

meredith to the mitchell = fugly to the slut
by George Washington Christ December 22, 2004

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A phrase uttered when you do something because everybody around you is doing it. shortened version of "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"

also a new wave band from the eighties, their big hit was "the promise" which can be heard in Napoleon Dynamite
I feel like something with synthesizers, pop in that When in Rome cd
by George Washington Christ December 23, 2004

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during the great depression, a small cardboard village on the outskirts of a town, near the railroad tracks, where those who lost money would wait for a train to pass, then hop a boxcar and ride it out west to find a new life. hoovervilles were most common in states like Illinois and Michigan, industrial areas where unemployement was at its worst. they were so named because herbert hoover was president during the stock market crash and is widely blamed for it.
the police officers busted up the hooverville the day after billy hopped a train.
by George Washington Christ December 30, 2004

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a nightclub in hollywood where The Doors played there first show. such bands as the stooges, reel big fish, and maroon 5 have also graced the stage
my dad saw the stooges at the whisky-a-go-go in the seventies
by George Washington Christ January 08, 2005

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The original host of the once popular game-show "Match Game"
the microphone Gene Rayburn uses is all skinny and weird
by George Washington Christ December 23, 2004

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a nuclear explosion breathing down your back, when it feels like you're brain is burning, so much so that you no longer care about littering, or whether you live or die., but only about singing
well I don't care about litter
and i don't care if i die
(well all I care about's singin)
I got a flamethrower love!
honey can't ya see?
by George Washington Christ December 22, 2004

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