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what the students of the manor preparatory school in abingdon are called by st helen's girls, especially the ones on our buses. the term generally implies a loud squeaky voice which is expelled by a small, rich, blonde nine year old who refuses point-blanc to behave.
there's a really annoying manorite on my bus, actually, come to think of it, there's lots of them
by genius May 25, 2003

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Jeff Cowles
A kid that looks like Finch off of the American Pie trilogy who was caught by his dad Lorne playing with his ass.
by Genius January 31, 2004

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Means "Disease Carrier", NOT "night creature" like you retards claim!
Goth Kid: Nosferatu means creature of the night

Regular Kid: No, it's Slavonic root "Nosufur-atu" means disease carrier. Go contemplate suicide, you faggot goth.
by Genius February 10, 2005

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You, you fucking idiot.
You must be an idiot if you had to look up "idiot."
by Genius March 24, 2005

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One who is to prone to buffing and dusting their desk like a stoopid fooker!
by Genius October 31, 2003

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a particular lure used in the sport of fishing that has a superior quality above others with its class.
ie. to use such a lure
I better win now, I've been masterbaiting all day long!!!!
by Genius February 27, 2004

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