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(n) 1. The foam that dribbles from a rabid animal.
(n) 2. A person who is considered awesome/is revered.
(n) 3. A cola-flavored soft drink.
(v) 4. To do something in the best way possible.
(adj) 5. Really amazing.
1. "I think my dog is sick, he has rabid mammal wax coming from his mouth..."
2. "Oh man, he is such a rabid mammal wax...I'm so envious..."
3. "I don't have enough money to buy a bottle of Rabid Mammal Wax, this sucks."
4. "Wow, the soccer player really rabid mammal waxed that goal."
5. "The runner ran the race very rabid mammal waxily, thats why he won."
by Gene May 03, 2004
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