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The funniest omori meme.
Consists of omori wearing expencive clothes.
Person 1:"Omori drip.*posts omori drip*
Person 2:"You fucking genious."
by GayAssOmlet February 09, 2021

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1-the girl of your dreams
2-a young fuck boy
Klai can also be used to identify someone that is a giant homophobe
by GayAssOmlet August 27, 2020

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Babi is that one monkey from "Treasure Buddies" a kids movie that was launched in 21/01/2012
Babi loves shiny things, and will do anything to get one
Person 1:"Babi is so hot"
Person 2:"I know rigth"
by GayAssOmlet September 09, 2020

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Person 1:"Wanna try my WAP?"
Person 2:"uhhhhhhhhhhhh"
by GayAssOmlet August 25, 2020

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A server that's absolute gayness.
Maple- obsessed with shibes
Klai- baby boi
Shin-the most normal person also brazil
Egg-complete autism also complete bottom
Plane boi- normal but not normal
Fork-pro memer
Gazel-doesnt exist
No aim-mincarft
Coolio-mr steal your girl
Person 1:"Being in Toilet fbs is pure sex."
Person 2:"what is wrong with you..."
by GayAssOmlet August 25, 2020

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