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One of the biggest and most successful bait accounts on iFunny. He has over a thousand subs, loves to fight with people and act tough. In 2016, his good years, he was featured on multiple big accounts such as “Oh no it’s retarded” and “RomThrowsComputer.” He’s still going strong.
“Hey did you see ZootopiaPorn’s new post? He’s a nasty freak and we should give him what he wants by talking shit”
by Gavinator5001 July 26, 2018

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A gamer who mainly plays Rainbow six siege on pc he is currently over level 100 and is platinum three he mains Valkyrie and IQ he also streams at Twitch.tv/Gavinator5001
Guy1: Have you heard of Gavinator5001?
Guy2: Of COURSE!! Who hasn’t?
by Gavinator5001 December 03, 2018

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He used to deal drugs
Hey bandit can you hook me up?
by Gavinator5001 July 24, 2018

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An ifunny account that post great memes and is a buck main in Rainbow Six Siege
Have you subscribed to BuckR6S yet he posts great memes
by Gavinator5001 July 24, 2018

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An iFunny account that post the most godly memes
Guy1: *with a gun to his head* R6_Caveira is my favorite iFunny account and an amazing R6 player.
R6_Caveira: Damn Right!
by Gavinator5001 July 25, 2018

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