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To bother excessively through proximity and unwanted physical contact
The man glombed the woman by breathing over her shoulder.
by Garrett Alden March 14, 2006

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Having the qualities or attitude of a Bad Ass Motherfucker.
Samuel L. Jackson displayed his BAMFitude in reciting Ezekiel 25:17 before killing people.

Mark Wahlberg's inner BAMFitude was evident when he shot Matt Damon in the Departed. (Sorry about the spoilers, but it's for a good cause)

by Garrett Alden August 10, 2007

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Verb, noun

To kill someone in a first person shooter video game in multiplayer, immediately after said player has re-spawned, in a similar way to how a bear kills a salmon after spawning upriver.
Oh man, I just got salmon killed!

Hey sorry about the salmon kill Swarley...
by Garrett Alden October 26, 2007

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A sauce that is not entirely like gravy nor entirely like salsa, but somewhere in between.
This sauce both chunky and creamy. Sort of like gralsa.

by Garrett Alden November 29, 2006

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