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A modification of the game Half-Life 2. It allows you to experiment with the game's physics engine by posing ragdolls or building vehicles out of random objects. It also allows you to paint any ragdoll or object and you can change the physical properties of the object or ragdoll.
Garry's Mod is extremely awesome.
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005

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Napoleonic era. A type of light cavalry unit that was armed with a lance. They were used to harass retreating troops. Lances had been retired, but after a group of Polish lancers defeated an entire group of British forces, many countries brought the lance back in. Some countries, like Prussia, had Uhlans, which are the same thing.
We're screwed, it's the Polish lancers!
by Galloping Ghost June 07, 2005

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The UH-60. The U.S. Army's main transport helicopter. Has variants such as the MH-60, HH-60 "Pavehawk" and the AH-60 Direct Air Penetrator.
Blackhawk Down is an awesome movie which features this helicopter getting shot down.
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005

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A term for a Communist person, as an insult.
You damn commie pinko! Get your piece of crap Volga out of my driveway!
by Galloping Ghost June 06, 2005

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Material that is actually nylon streched very thin, which makes it much tougher. Used in everything from bullet-proof vests to gun stocks.
I only where about ten layers of kevlar. I hope that can stop a shotgun blast.
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005

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From Germany, they are pants made of leather, hence "leder(leather) hosen(pants)."
I think my lederhosen are one size too small.
by Galloping Ghost June 08, 2005

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A carbine version of the M16A2 assault rifle. It is a true carbine, being that is has a shortened barrel and a collapsable stock. Very popular with SWAT teams and Special Forces because of its light weight and customizability. Attachments include scopes, grenade launchers and laser aiming modules.
I pwned that T with ma m4, yo!
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005

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