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Titer yum yum: the street name for drinking caugh mixture to get a buzz/high. I havn't done any titer yum yum yet but I probalbly will just to see if it's actually real.
Let's do some titer yum yum behind the gym at school tomorow.
by GIGGLES May 04, 2005
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A bag in which certain individuals keep their feces when they are not able to use the restroom.
Hold on, I think my duesch bag is full.
by Giggles November 11, 2003
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This sort of weird, English dude. He sounds like he molests small children. And for some reason, Japanese people call him "Mr. Tron", which I just find the funniest fucking thing ever to be fucking funny. Oh yeah, and he has a cult.
"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lied to us."-T3h Tron
by Giggles May 28, 2004
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The nic-name for giles. If you use this out of turn you will blow up. Never written with a capital unless it is ALL in capital.
Random person: hey Giles.
Giles: it's giggles fooool.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
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cheese when used in un-formal terms it means money (see money) however when used in fromal term it means a thick food type made from aged milk. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothin like a big wad of cheese.
un-formal; "hey man i need some cheese i want to pay this hoe"

formal; "good show old pip, fancie a fine slice of my cheese?
by GIGGLES February 23, 2005
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Those adorable little people in willy wonka. I wonder if they will be in the new one?. They are hard working slaves for a man who sings to much.
I want to steal a umpa lumpa so it can do my homework. I shall look on ebay!
by GIGGLES May 15, 2005
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shit.................what more can I say?
ahh shiznikes
by Giggles November 11, 2003
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