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1. A parody of House Do'Urden that is the best clan ever on Kingdom Of Loathing!!!
1. We have so much meat we are unstoppable
by G28401 April 07, 2005

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1: A robot created by me and some buddies to follow the rules of parp. See also parp
1: Is aan example really needed here??
by g28401 August 21, 2005

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The stupidest game on the planet with horribly bad graphics and way too many 10yr olds who think they are actually cool by talking in 1337
10yrold22: wtf n00b j00 dom hax0r ill pwn yor azz!!!11!!11!!1
weirdo482: stfu!!11!!!1 im teh m0s7 31337 H4x0r 3v3r!!!!11!!!11!!!!!
by G28401 April 07, 2005

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1: a code that all followers of Parp must follow:

1: Be Random
2: You can be ordered as long as it LOOKS random
3: Always use the word Parp when appropriate
4: Always follow up the word Parp with a random act.

See also Parp and Parp-Bot
by g28401 August 21, 2005

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1: A word that must always proceed a random act as according to the rules of parp see also Parp-Bot
2: A word used to describe what happened
1: Prep1: blah blah blah blah
Person2: Parp *kicks prep1 so hard that they fly away*

2: Person2: then they blahed somemore...
Person3: Yes?
Person2: Parp
by g28401 August 21, 2005

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Cody Holm is back in action again with all new tablenazi tricks!!!
I can beat your arse!!!!
by g28401 April 06, 2005

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A word that is use by people who don't know the real history of pwned and are a bunch of stupid idiots who should get their words straight.
"I s0 pawned j00!!!!"
"937 y0|_||2 \/\/0|2|)5 57|24!9|-|7 /\/008!3 !75 p\/\//\/3|)"
by g28401 August 30, 2005

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