The only place where you can combine a goat's cheese with an anticheese to get a goat. Also known as KoL
by hoogli January 7, 2005
An online text-based RPG created by the excellent Jick. Highly original and imaginative, and hilarious too. All the graphics are based on black-and-white stick figures.

Don't let the graphics and text put you off. Not for brain-dead people who only favour RPGs with high resolution graphics and cannot spell.

One of the only RPGs online with some sort of interlectual value, who appreciate the ability to write properly and makes intelligent observations of the actual world around you. None of the obsessive crap, as you get "adventures" everyday which limit the amount of time you spend on the computer.
by iamnottellingyou March 5, 2005
An online RPG with an adventure of a life time for not the faint of heart. Gain a fortune and lose it an hour later. Travel to distant islands, delve the depths of unknown dungeons in search of glories and treasure, and climb the highest mountains to battle fierce beasts. Drink till you drop and eat till you explode!
A big red ninja with horns stands before you.
"I am the Demoninja," he says. "Allow me to demonstrate the myriad ways in which I can whoop your ass."
by Levis501 January 14, 2005
Kingdom of Loathing (aka KOL) is an excellent online rpg made by the most excellent and creative Jick. You can choose to be an accordian theif, seal clubber, turtle tamer, diso bandit, saucerer or pastamacer.
I'm a level 15 and have 1200000 meat on the Kingdom of Loathing.
by Smite_O_Rama September 21, 2004
The Kingdom of Loathing is a text-based MMORPG. The game is based on comical parodies of modern sayings, stylings, culture, and other things. For instance, the game has items like "pr0n chow mein" and "Phonics Down", drinks like "white canadian", and familiars (A type of pet creature) like the "cocoabo". The game uses a currency, the currency being "meat". Several different activities can be played, such as adventuring, mixing cocktails, combining items, meatsmithing, and such.

The game is based around 3 main stats, Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie. In comparison to game attributes, these three stats are relative to combat, magic, and stealth. Each stat has two classes of each. The "Seal Clubber" and "Turtle Tamer" are the Muscle classes, the "Sauceror" and "Pastamancer" are the Mysticality classes, and the "Disco Bandit" and "Accordian Thief" are the Moxie classes.

Adventures are essentially the limit to the amount of quests you can perform per day. Adventures are gained daily, through eating of foods, and drinking of booze. In addition to the limit of adventures per day, one can reach a limit to food eaten (Virtually "full") and a limit to drinking booze (Where you are "falling-down drunk".

The Kingdom of Loathing is a long time running game, at *about* one and a half years (as of February). The creator is Jick. Jick is one of two administrators for the game, the other being Mr. Skullhead.

The game also has an extensive network of forums and chat rooms. The chat rooms include channels newbie, normal, trade, games, lounge, and villa. All of the channels have moderators. Moderators include Inari, Lacey, Werebear, Vida Londres, Bragi, Elven_Princess, Idiania, Bete Noire, Vultar, Fruity Vuish, Mystical, Arbitrage, Bellytor, Trog Dor, BioHazardMan, TheGreatYak, and NovusOrdoSeclorum.
An Adventurer is You!
by jonac13 February 11, 2005
1.A game known as KoL, with three basic stats, muscle, mystcality and moxie. There are two classes for each, and with good reason. To give and example, the pastamancers and saucerors BOTH have mystcality as their main stat, but a pastamancers secondary stat is muscle, and a saucerors secondary stat is moxie.
2.A kick-@** game that has sucky chatrooms unless you *spoiler alert, spoiler alert, woop, woop* own a store, then you can go to the (not sucky) great channel of foodcourt.
1.Kingdom of Loathing is a game that took some thought.
2."woo-hoo! I gained a level on KoL!"
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! October 16, 2006
One of the greatest online games ever. Created by Jick, it consumes the lives of the people that play it.
C'mon Mom, I've only been playing KoL for 14 hours so far today.
by The Apethetic Lizardman March 9, 2005