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Justin Russo was in love with his little sister. He was obssessed with her in fact. He couldn't stop thinking about her sexually. At first it had been enough to merely entertain sexual fantasies of Alex while he was jerking off, but after a while that wasn't enough. He needed more. He started sneaking into her room at night, he'd put a spell on Alex to keep her sleeping and then he would jerk off as he watched her sleep.
He lived in fear of being caught in this sick activity, but he never was. And it escalated it wasn't just enough to look at her sleeping in her silky black tank top and shiny short shorts. He started to touch her as she slept. He would stick his hand down his sister's panties and massage her clit. And her response was so rewarding, she would toss and moan as her pussy juices ran down his hand. What it is incest
by G00d 0l dickin69 October 6, 2019