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a helicopter,normally used by cops
that getto bird flew right over my head and blind me in the eyes again
by G DOGG June 09, 2003
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one who has smoked too much weed and became a bum who can no longer think and make wise choices. making conversation with a burnout is difficult because they fried most of their brain cells.
ur such a burnout, pat!
by g dogg December 15, 2003
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it means somebody stole somethin
i was hood winked by those thiefs
by G DOGG May 31, 2003
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poor,tacky,or in this case a helicopter
the swatmeet is so getto
by G DOGG June 04, 2003
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Put right to the point it means total asshole.
That person hates everyone for no reason at all,i say what's up and he says (FUCK OFF),That's adownright hater
by G DOGG December 14, 2003
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somethin fit for a king
this lamborghini is KING SHIT
by G DOGG June 10, 2003
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