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A fine german automobile. BMW, Bavarian Motor Works
P1 : That guy drives a pimp bimmer.
P2 : Yah, that's an M3!
by G$ July 10, 2002

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The handle found in most cars to either hold onto around corners taken at speed, or to hang shirts and such.

oh shit handle
Dude, you better grab the oh shit bar!
by G$ July 10, 2002

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A toilet.
P1: Where's Danny?
P2: Fucking uh, he's on the shitter.
by G$ July 09, 2002

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verb or noun; a blow job or cobb slob, usually a hogsmoke occurs on a random weekday evening in Arlington, VA. The term was made regionally popular by the local radio show The Sports Junkies. Hogsmokes are often times elusive and eagerly sought-after.
I met an amazing hogsmoker last night at Whitlow's. She gave me three hogsmokes in ten hours.

I knew there was little hope for the elusive post-blackout Sunday morning hogsmoke after I pissed the bed last night.
by G$ March 02, 2005

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Professional pervert

Background: believed to be from East Texas
Carrie, stop talking about my mom...you're such a provert!
by G$ March 07, 2005

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1. To suck at life
2. Dork
3. Goofball

also see alternative spelling weinerface.
1. I can't believe you got a 50 on that test, you're such a wienerface.
2. You wienerface! Don't do homework instead of watching Zoolander!
3. You're such a wienerface, calm down and get in to bed with me....right now....
by G$ March 03, 2005

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Cool, pimp, mack.
G$ is so cool, he's iLL!
by G$ July 10, 2002

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