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Thats a New sounding Base on that Record. To hear the new sound go to

by G$ March 20, 2004
The handle found in most cars to either hold onto around corners taken at speed, or to hang shirts and such.

oh shit handle
Dude, you better grab the oh shit bar!
by G$ July 11, 2002
G$ is so cool, he's iLL!
by G$ July 11, 2002
meaning: the signature firearm in a gangbanger's collection of firearms. typically, the jesus piece is a high caliber handgun adorned with engraving, encrusted jewels, or other decorations.
i was rollin wit da jesus piece up under da car seat.
by G$ April 20, 2005
verb or noun; a blow job or cobb slob, usually a hogsmoke occurs on a random weekday evening in Arlington, VA. The term was made regionally popular by the local radio show The Sports Junkies. Hogsmokes are often times elusive and eagerly sought-after.
I met an amazing hogsmoker last night at Whitlow's. She gave me three hogsmokes in ten hours.

I knew there was little hope for the elusive post-blackout Sunday morning hogsmoke after I pissed the bed last night.
by G$ March 2, 2005
She is suuuch a ho!

Back off, ho.
by G$ July 11, 2002
P1: Where's Danny?
P2: Fucking uh, he's on the shitter.
by G$ July 10, 2002