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a person who expresses themselves as a full out weiner. this person has sudden urges to take part in weiner activities and usually runs around saying the word weiner. they cannot resist the word weiner or anything involving weiners.
Tj was being such a weinerface so i killed him.
by smittayyy December 07, 2010
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n: one who is totally not cool, quite lame, and basically sucks at life. Not having an appendix is a sure fire way to be called a weinerface. Also, enjoying male genitalia, homosexuality, and weiner shaped heads will also qualify you as a weinerface.
Steve, you are such a weinerface!
by rordawg99 September 30, 2006
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when someones face closely resembles a weiner or when some one is being an asshole
1) look at that guy he only has one eye, he must be a weiner face
2)quit being such a weiner face
by Sperm Whale November 22, 2004
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A guy with a great body, but an ugly face. Example: Rep. Anthony Weiner.
Megan: I know this guy, Anthony, you should hook up with
Ainsley: Really.. Is he hot?
Megan: He goes to my gym, he's got a great body, but you might want to bring a paper bag. He's kinda a weiner face.
by Ainzcb June 17, 2011
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1. I can't believe you got a 50 on that test, you're such a weinerface.
2. You weinerface! Don't do homework instead of watching Zoolander!
3. You're such a weinerface, calm down and get in to bed with me....right now....
by G$ March 01, 2005
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someone who is hot as shit.. doesnt have anything to do with a weiner.. but we just like the word weiner<3 ;)
brigid-hey gabby
gabby-hey weiner face!
brigid-whats up!?

see.. normal form of endearment! :)
by gabby March 05, 2005
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