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On newgrounds.com when a bad movie is released it is often deleted by recieving a low score, or blammed
This movie sucks, blam it now
by Furby March 08, 2003

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When walking into a very ordinary nightclub to find only one very hot looking woman, 9 times out of 10 she will be acompanied by a very dirty looking woman. In order to hook up with the hotter of the two, one of your mates must distract the dirtier one by hooking up with her.

Hooking up with the dirty one is known as making "the ultimate sacrifice".
Furby and Mick walk into the Pavillion, Sydney.
Mick: Look at that stunner over there!
Furby: She is gorgeous.. but look at that ugly mole she is with
Mick: Furby... one of us has to make the ultimate sacrifice...
Furby: .... I want to make the ultimate sacrifice...
by Furby May 05, 2006

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To take a member of the opposite sex home for a night of passion (to root) and leaving straight away in the morning, never to have anything more (or at least nothing more sexual) to do with that person ever again (scoot).
Mick: So are you going to go out with her?
Furby: No I just want a root 'n' scoot
by Furby July 08, 2005

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This word is only used when you reach euphoria through excitement, but are still somehow calm.
Quincy felt an amazing sense of rahmaha overtake him while he was accending to heaven.
by Furby July 20, 2003

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One who clicks on porn banners.
"You're a clicker arn't you?"
by Furby July 20, 2003

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