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The fuckin hottest guy in the world. Best at everthing, just really cool...and hot.
"Damn did you see that Pozdro, hes like sooooo fuckin hot and cool, wow I wanna have sex with him right now!"
by Fuck you August 10, 2004
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A place where much spam and stupid threads is made. It is also refered to as "The house Glass Shatters built".
Everyone at PW is Glass Shatter's bitch.
by Fuck you December 23, 2003
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A drow in the six book series "War of the Spider Queen". He was a commoner, but rose to the top of the hierarchy by becoming a master at melee-magthere. he is an extremely good fighter. His weapon of choice is a huge magically enhanced sword called Splitter.
Ryld is as skilled as Drizzt.
by Fuck you December 06, 2003
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Any imported (usually Japanese) car that isn't very fast but is modified to look tripped up. A lot of ricers modify the engines to go faster as well, and race them in street races. For all you nascar white trashmen who say it is a gay thing for guys with small dicks, all it is is about us teenagers loving speed and not wanting to have to drive to a Nascar area to get it, but to see it in our very own vehicle.
I took a Mazda RX-8, did hood work, got a body kit, and spent about five thousand dollars on the engine to make it a rice rocket.
by Fuck you November 14, 2003
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when a chick is in the bath and she has the faucet running and she puts her pussy under the running water to achieve orasmic stimulation
niagra falls is a nice and different way to come
by Fuck you February 23, 2005
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PG Unit is sposed to stand for pretty girl unit, but no, we all know what it stands for. The prude girl/pretty gross unit is despicable. Not only are they strait NASTY but they are prude!! Can you believe this? I mean if you are a hot, innocent girl, its cool to be prude I guess, but they are ugly so they are supposed to be sluts, wtf?? Anyway, run if you see them, cause you aren't getting any and they are after all, pretty gross.
The prude girl/pretty gross unit doesn't give head, cuz they are gross and prude.
by Fuck you February 27, 2005
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A really gay way to call someone a schmuck which if you don't know is a dick.
You schmuckola.
by Fuck you December 08, 2003
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