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The name Strong Sad gave to the pain in his knee after Strong Mad punched it after Strong Sad told Strong Bad that his punch didn't hurt enough.
by Frogger August 16, 2003
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A word formed by combining "wordOtaku/word" and "Convention". Dr. Hal Emmerich, the engineer who was the team leader in the Metal Gear Rex project, uses this word as his nickname.
by Frogger June 17, 2003
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1. a cute little ball thats orange who jumps on cubes to change their colors; an 80s arcade game
2. A stupid fool who is ignorant
Oh, you're playing Q*bert again?
Brandon was such a Q*bert, he thought we was perfect when he is not.
by Frogger April 30, 2005
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queerdo-A person who acts queer and is a weirdo

Came from Nitschmann Middle School
Phillip was such a queerdo , no one liked him.
by Frogger April 24, 2005
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A person who is obsessed with Insaniquarium
I am a InsaniFanatic; I play Insaniquarium all day long
by Frogger April 26, 2005
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The spook thrived with the other spookies therefore the intermajestication.
by Frogger June 11, 2020
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A jock who is also very geeky.
"OMG! He is so jeeky! He's the captain of the football team yet he plays yugioh."
by Frogger February 21, 2014
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