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A fagtoy is an incredibly submissive homosexual male. He has very little self esteem and sees himself as nothing more than a plaything for gay men. He even relishes the word "fagtoy" because fag is derogatory and he sees himself as a lesser person than the men he services.
Don't even think about Steve, he's not relationship material. No, he's just a fagtoy!
by Friendly Bryan January 05, 2014
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The word "feeder" is usually used to in reference to a person who enjoys feeding another person. This is often for sexual reasons as the feeder is attracted to large bodies and the feedee is interested in becoming such a large body. However, the word was originally used in reference to scat. A feeder is a person who poops for another person. Where food is concerned the two roles are referred to as the feeder and the feedee. Where feces are concerned the two roles are referred to as the feeder and the eater. Some people will switch roles and others are strictly feeder or eaters. A feeder derives a sexual thrill from shitting for another and watching the other eat the excrement.
Mandy has always wanted to eat poop but she won't eat her own. She needs to find a feeder.
by Friendly Bryan January 06, 2014
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When you really have to fart but just can't push one out.
Bro 1: Dude, why you eating all those beans?
Bro2: I have gastipation. I need to blow wind but can't!
by Friendly Bryan August 03, 2020
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Referring to someone who daily goes on Twitter and fills it up with nothing but bullshit.
Man, Trump is such a Twitter-Shitter.
by Friendly Bryan August 03, 2020
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