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1) Someone who isn't even good enough to be a fag, he is a fagtoy.

2)Someone that can't defend themselves agginst the insult fag.
Jason is such a fagtoy. Look at Louis get pushed around by those gay kids, what a fagtoy.
by Rarajoystuff November 22, 2007
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Fag toy is some one who is not nessecessarily some one who is gay. They are usually some one who is so annoying and " gay " that you have to use two words to express how annoying and stuoid they are.
Person " wow thats persons a fag toy "
by hizza July 19, 2006
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A fagtoy is an incredibly submissive homosexual male. He has very little self esteem and sees himself as nothing more than a plaything for gay men. He even relishes the word "fagtoy" because fag is derogatory and he sees himself as a lesser person than the men he services.
Don't even think about Steve, he's not relationship material. No, he's just a fagtoy!
by Friendly Bryan January 05, 2014
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