2 definitions by Fraustophobia

A baby n00b. Someone who is not good enough at being bad to even be called a n00b because they suck so much. Used A LOT in First Person Shooters, i.e. Halo 3, CoD4, and CoD5.
#1: "Wow, this guy just threw 2 grenades at me, missed, then tried rushing me with the shotty, all while I was standing still, and I still managed to No-scope him."

#2: "Lol, he sucks so bad, hes not even a n00b."

#1: "I know, what a noblet."
by Fraustophobia May 14, 2009
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Def. #1: The fear of me, or in any other Frausto's case, the fear of him/her.

Def. #2: Gamertag on Xbox Live that is obviously the best player online ever!!!

Def. #3: Lol. :
Loser #1: Dude, I was playing on Xbox Live the other day and got Pwned by some guy called 'Fraustophobia'. Now I think I've caught the fear he spreads by his awesomeness.

Loser #2: Wow, sucks to be you, but could you please stop talking about it, 'cause I think I'm catching it too. It's like an epidemic.
by Fraustophobia May 7, 2009
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