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A college drinking game, popular in the 1980s. Students would sit around watching old Bob Newhart re-runs, and whenever anyone said "Hi Bob" everyone had to take a drink.
"Hi Bob!" Drink. What kind of example do you need?
by Frasier Nutzov February 02, 2007
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Something that happens to incontinent older women when they have sex. Simultaneously poo, pee, and orgasm. From SH*T combined with P*SS and ORGASM.
"Bernie is treating me to the senior's menu at Denny's tonight, so I think I'll finally go all the way with him. I just hope I don't shpasm."
by Frasier Nutzov March 02, 2007
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One who bucks the zeitgeist and listens to a CD player instead of MP3s.
That fellow is an ipodoclast.
by Frasier Nutzov February 05, 2007
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A long, elastic strand of mucus that dangles from a sick child's nostril when the child cries. This slimy yo-yo often gets sucked up into the nose when the child inhales between shrieks, only to reappear when the wailing continues. Since it's entertaining for adults to watch this, the child assumes your expression of delight is in response to their distress, which only increases the volume and intensity of the tantrum. It's a viscious (and viscous) cycle which might end on a clock-tower with a high-powered rifle.
Jeez, lady, wipe your kid's noserope!
by Frasier Nutzov February 18, 2007
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A child under the age of two years, riding on his parents lap in an airliner for free. See "Laptop Computer"
The plane had a crew of six, with 127 passengers and 15 laptop commuters.
by Frasier Nutzov February 02, 2007
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Similar to "cankle" (calf merging with ankle) the thabia is the merging between the thigh and labia.
Tiffany couldn't wear a thong because she had a protruding thabia.
by Frasier Nutzov March 06, 2007
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Similar in orgin to "cankle" (CAlf plus aNKLE) the "thuttock" is the seamless fusion between the THigh & bUTTOCK in a morbidly obese individual.
Look at Belinda's thuttocks.
by Frasier Nutzov March 07, 2007
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