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N- Technical term for an observant barfly almost always male. Usually waiting for said females to get very drunk and when the time is right, swoop in and take her home to fuck her brains out.
Dawn-- I saw Frankie at the bar again last friday.

Michelle-- Yeah, me too, He's a swooper.
by Franswa September 26, 2007
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N- total loser that blows off a good time to do something stupid or non-related.
Frank- Hey man, lets score some beer and get fucked up.

PPF- No way man, I hafta go to work.

Frank- Fuck you, you'r a party poopin' faggot.
by Franswa September 26, 2007
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n-An individual that simutainiously maintains multiple email conversations with the hopes to score a date with any one of his victoms. This task is difficult as is requires you to remember what you have said in each one. This should only be performed by highly trained individuals.

also see player
Frank- Man, I was up half the night online with these three bitches.

Friend- I dont know how you keep up with them.

Frank- Dont worry about me, asshole, I'm a keyboard tramp!!
by Franswa September 27, 2007
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N- Term used for a person who is attempting to use a phrase that is completely outdated and still thinks it's cool.
Man at bar- Dude, check her out, she's all that and a bag of chips!!

Other man at bar- Fuck you dude! your a retro-phraser.(grabs beer and moves down 2 stools)
by Franswa September 26, 2007
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A person who is characteristic of the fear of facing life, with such symptoms as :
1. Failure to stand up for one's rights.
2. Inability to forward one's emotions.
3. Uncertainty about life; believing one's life has no meaning.
4. Possible sign of being emo?

1. That boy is obviously ailing from Pussititus; he seems to be afraid to tell that girl that he cares for her, causing him to lose faith in everything about him.

2. I am a seemingly longterm Pussititus patient; I cannot see a meaning for my life to continue. What rewards does life merit to an unworthy nonbeliever?
by Franswa January 10, 2007
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