5 definitions by FranAnnPan

Glam shaming takes place when one person shames another for grooming, primping or spending extra time (most often in inappropriate places) adjusting or fixing their appearance.
Damn, Tiffani! Will you please stop brushing your hair and applying lip gloss during grandpa's memorial service!

Tiffani: Shut up! Stop glam shaming me!
by FranAnnPan January 23, 2018
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A busted or played out person. Ratchet. Not up to standards of the normal human.
"Ew. Did you see Gerad's new girlfriend? She is straight to DVD."
by FranAnnPan March 21, 2016
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used to describe a room full of dudes. Use it to replace term "Sausage Fest".
Ex: guy walks into a bar full of dudes "ugh! This place is a total dick zoo!"
by FranAnnPan January 4, 2012
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An overly eager and vulgar woman seeking a younger, more supple partner. Use it to replace the term Cougar.
by FranAnnPan January 10, 2021
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see term Dick Zoo but use it in a positive manner. Used to describe a room full of women. To use in a negative manner replace Vagina with Snatch.
Ex: guy walks into bar full of women and says "What an awesome Vagina Menagerie!"
by FranAnnPan January 4, 2012
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